Corporate Wellness

Susan is available to work with you to meet your company’s wellness goals!

Susan invites a student volunteer to assist her during a corporate wellness demonstration!

Fast-paced and demanding work environments call for the best practices to support employee health, performance and motivation. Our engaging and dynamic corporate wellness programs bring highly relevant topics to the workplace in a “lunch and learn” format. These events build teamwork and employee loyalty. Focused around key themes such as “Increasing Productivity Through Whole Food Nutrition” or “Healthy Eating Strategies for Busy People,” employees learn why and how to bring together nutrient-dense food, energy and cognitive-boosting herbs, as well as supportive lifestyle habits to optimize their health, concentration, and contribution to the team. Sessions typically include an inspiring and easy-to-make food demo and can be customized to the need of the individual corporate climate and culture.

Please contact Susan via email or phone to discuss your needs and pricing.