Holistic Nutrition Healing Philosophy

My approach is to help people learn how to eat a whole foods diet, which is rich in the building blocks needed for all the work your body does. Rather than focus on using “willpower” or a long list of “forbidden” items, I find it works well to help people simply add nutrient dense food to their daily meals and snacks. You will quickly find you are much more satisfied and energetic and the foods that undermine your health seem to just drop off the radar after a while. I do not believe that any one diet works for everybody. Instead I develop a thorough understanding of the nutritional status and needs of each person I work with, and I make individualized food and herbal recommendations with supplements additional if needed. I also use a variety of functional lab tests and assessments to obtain information about your specific nutritional deficiencies and requirements.

Rather than trying to medicate symptoms away (which usually doesn’t work too well even with the best pharmaceuticals available), it is much wiser to pay attention to them. Symptoms signal that some aspect of your health is out of balance. By discovering and addressing the underlying source of these problems you can prevent them from escalating into something more serious.

Your body is amazing! You can recover from many imbalances by reclaiming a healthy diet and lifestyle including whole foods, sufficient hydration, restorative sleep, adequate exercise, skilled relaxation and gentle detoxification.

In addition to providing nutritional guidance, I also work with each person to brainstorm ways to create the specific strategies and skills that will work in your own life to be more effective in planning, shopping and cooking. Modern life is busy, but with a smart, organized approach, you CAN develop the foundation upon which to build better health.

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