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Reclaim Your Healthy Weight.  Lose That Extra "COVID-20"

When:  September 29, October 6, 13, and 20, 2021
Time:    6:00-8:00 PM
Cost:    $120 includes all 4 classes plus handouts and recipes
Grocery fee:    $20 at first class to cover LOTS of snacks :-)

It's been a record year for weight gain--and no wonder!  We've been moving less every day, trying to stay home and out of the way of the virus. Stress-eating. Feeling widespread grief and fear about lost jobs, family members at risk. Death and social division. Out-of-control fires. Anxiety. Poor sleep. All of these factors create a negative momentum that can add up to weight gain. 

Let's turn it around!


I am devoting my class this fall to help you find a holistic and personal approach to happily achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Solving the "obvious" problem of extra pounds requires more than simply "eating less and exercising more" (though these are important baseline activities). A more sophisticated approach is needed. Different strategies work for different people.

Our class will use a whole body/mind approach to help the body release weight: therapeutic foods/herbs, lower-carbohydrate strategies, nutrient timing/modified intermittent fasting, appropriate physical activity, the role of blood sugar, thyroid/adrenal, detoxification, digestion, sleep, and microbiome. Learn stress management practices as well as how to create sustainable habits. Let’s use ALL the tools!

We will participate via small groups, take-home assessments, and journaling, with lots of “how-to’s” and Q&A for an interactive classroom experience. 


Classes will include food demos with delicious small plate tastings and therapeutic herbal teas. 

Safety:  As of now the class is planned to be in-person. We will be in a double-sized classroom, with ample spacing between seats. There will be good air filtration and we will be wearing masks. The Adult School has been at the forefront in developing COVID safety protocols and naturally, we will be diligently following all safety guidelines. Because of all these precautions, class size will be limited—so please enroll asap!


We all need to help each other stay calm and grounded through these difficult times. It seems obvious that now it is more important than ever to take responsibility for building up our health (on all levels!). We can strengthen our immune defense AND our psychological resilience by nurturing ourselves into a way of eating and living that aligns with these goals.

Hope to see you in September!


Register via the Castro Valley Adult School:
Online using green button to the left
By phone at 510-866-1000
In person at 4430 Alma Avenue, Castro Valley, CA


Classes and Seminars

Susan is on faculty at the California School of Herbal Studies and the Castro Valley Adult School. She teaches in the classroom each quarter on various nutrition and health topics.  Each class provides in-depth content, classroom exercises, a food demo, recipes and handouts. She also teaches hands-on healthy cooking classes, corporate wellness events and private in-home cooking events. All learning experiences allow for ample informal question and answer and focus on how to apply what you have learned. 

In her hands-on cooking classes, you learn how to cook whole foods so they are delicious and satisfying. Eating more vegetables becomes a delight rather than a chore. This is why Susan loves to teach cooking classes—she knows that “one bite is worth a thousand words!” Most people already KNOW they should eat more vegetables, or cook at home more, but tasting a really awesome dish is very convincing! Having some great recipes and hands-on cooking know-how, along with planning and shopping strategies are key to implementing a powerful nutrition upgrade.
Cooking Classes are available every quarter at Castro Valley Adult & Career Education, where there are three complete mini-kitchens in one room. Working in pairs, every student prepares a dish. The class and recipes are clustered around a theme, such as cardiovascular health, or building immunity, but there are many nutrition principles in common for each class. The room is full of good smells and camaraderie as the whole class cooks and shares the meal together.

For Susan’s small group cooking classes in private homes, she designs a class around your nutritional preferences, or a theme, and plans a fun and nutritious event for you and your friends.


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