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Individual Health Consultations


Individual Health Consultation

Chronic conditions such as indigestion, irritable bowel, allergies, fatigue, high cholesterol and/or blood pressure, poor immunity, and hormonal imbalance often respond well to nutrition and herbal therapy. The key is to work WITH your body to restore proper function rather than merely chasing symptoms and trying to suppress them.

Root causes to examine and address include:

  • Proper nutrition: Starting with a nutrient dense, whole food diet, and adjusted from there based on your specific health challenges. There’s no one way of eating that is right for every body at every time in their life. What works for YOU? Defining your optimal nutrition is our first priority.

  • Healthy digestion: It is so essential to have effective digestion and absorption, as well as a digestive tract populated with healthy bacteria

  • Nervous system balance: Based on an assessment of your “feel good” and “stress” hormones and neurotransmitters

  • Sleep: Restorative sleep is key to energy, immunity and blood sugar balance, healthy weight, and sharp brain function

  • Inflammation: Ferreting out and addressing root causes of inflammation (harmful foods, stress, blood sugar, allergies, toxins, parasites, chronic bacterial or viral infection, etc.) can help resolve many problems 


Working together we can focus on your specific health needs and develop tailored food, supplement and herbal recommendations to rebuild your health. The emphasis is on FOOD and whole herb remedies. 


Functional take-home and lab assessments can reveal nutrient deficiencies, thyroid function, food sensitivities, insulin resistance, bone health, metal and toxic burden, and detailed cardiovascular and metabolic health status. With such specific information about how your body is functioning, we can prioritize and direct your therapy for meaningful results.

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